St Mark’s Annual Meetings

2021 Annual Meeting Notice

Dear St. Mark’s Parishioners,

St. Mark’s 2021 Annual Meeting will be held virtually this Sunday, January 24, 2021 at 11:00 am.  This is my (Rev. Christopher Wilkins) first Annual Meeting with you, and I look forward to your participation in this meeting, which should be short.  Here are the details:

We will be using Zoom to conduct the meeting.  

  • You can log into the Zoom meeting with your computer, your tablet, or your phone.Instructions on how to do that are shown below. Note that if you are using a smartphone you can access both the video (visual) and audio (sound) from the meeting. You can also dial into the meeting and listen from any telephone.
  • We will try to keep the meeting as short as possible, to avoid “Zoom fatigue”.  This means that we will not be reading each report verbatim. We will focus on getting the elections accomplished for Wardens, Vestry Members, and an Alternate Delegate to the Diocesan Convention. While votes are being tabulated, brief reports will be made, and you will have a chance to ask questions. You are also encouraged to contact me, the Wardens or Vestry Members later for answers to any questions you may still have.
  • There will also be some “social time” at the official conclusion of the meeting. We have few online activities planned for those who would like to stick around to visit with their fellow parishioners. I hope to see everyone!

The Annual Report will be available on St. Mark’s website shortly before the meeting and financial reports will be available in Realm.   Complications from Covid-19 have caused us to run behind in getting this together, so we urge you to view the report there this weekend.  If you cannot view documents online, you may call the office and request a copy, although it is doubtful that it will get to you before the meeting.

THANK YOU ALL for your understanding during this difficult time.  This is not our preferred way to run the Annual Meeting, but St. Mark’s is well known for making opportunities out of less-than-optimal circumstances.  We will experience this virtual opportunity together!             


Rev. Dr. Christopher I. Wilkins


Election Buddy Voting

Election Buddy Voting
Conducting the meeting online requires a method to conduct voting so that everyone attending the meeting can vote.   For that we are using something called Election Buddy, which allows your vote to be anonymous and allows you to confirm each vote before it is cast.  

You will receive a separate email or notice with your unique ID and password. You will log in to Election Buddy with those credentials.  Please note that you should NOT LOG ON to the Election Buddy system until right before the meeting starts. Here is the web address (url) to use:  This link will also be provided in the separate email/notice that you receive.

Election Buddy Directions for Virtual Meetings