The 2021 Vestry & Diocesan Delegates

See the Vestry Page for information on the workings of this group
Christopher I. Wilkins
Pamela Gibson
Term: 2023-2025
Senior Warden
Charlene Cooper Langley
Term: 2021-2024
Rosanne Tingley
Term: 2022-2024
Junior Warden
Assistant Treasurer
Peter Gale
Term: 2022-2024
Juliana Anyanwu
Term: 2022-2025
Erwin Avila
Term: 2023-2025
Jeremiah Langley
Term: 2022-2024
Sandra Pang
Term: 2023-2026
Jess Rowland
Term: 2023-2026
Keira Vargas
Secretary to the Vestry (non-voting)

Charles T. “Chuck” Smith II, Esq.
Term: 2023-2026
General Counsel
Janis Smith
Treasurer (non-voting)

Beth Walton
Term: 2022-2025
Delegates to Diocesan Convention
Charles T. “Chuck” Smith II
Term: Through January 2024
Delegate to Diocesan Convention
Kristianne Taweel
Term: Through January 2025
Alternate Delegate to Diocesan Convention