The 2021 Vestry & Diocesan Delegates

See the Vestry Page for information on the workings of this group
Christopher I. Wilkins
Rector, Head of Worship Planning
Strategic Development Committee Liaison
Senior Warden, Communications Committee Liaison
Charlene Cooper Langley – Term: 2021-2024
Fellowship Committee Liaison
Rosanne Tingley – Term 2022-2024
Junior Warden, Financial Oversight Committee Liaison
Interim Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer
Peter Gale – Term: 2022-2024
Juliana Anyanwu – Term 2022-2025Pamela Gibson – Term: 2022-2025
Jeremiah Langley – Term: 2022-2024
Gail Soulea – Term: 2021-2023
Evangelism and Outreach Liaison
Jose Fernandez – Term: 2020-2023
Liaison to the Counters
Keira Vargas
Secretary to the Vestry (non-voting)
Lucy Fernandez – Term: 2020-2023
Beth Walton – Term: 2022-2025
Pastoral Care Liaison
Delegates to Diocesan Convention
Beth Walton
Term: through January 2023
Delegate to Diocesan Convention
Charles T. “Chuck” Smith
Term: through January 2024
Alternate Delegate to Diocesan Convention