St. Mark’s is part of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States

As such, it is governed by several documents, including

St. Mark’s is run by Clergy and elected Lay Leaders from the Congregation

Our Rector, the Rev. Dr. Christopher I. Wilkins, was selected by both the Bishop of Washington and the Lay Leaders of St. Mark’s. In addition, the Rev. Virginia Brown Nolan serves as St. Mark’s Chaplain to the Riderwood retirement community.

The Vestry of St. Mark’s includes our Rector and lay leaders elected by the congregation. Lay leaders include 2 wardens, and between 7 and 9 vestry members. The vestry is responsible for the business of the church, including financial matters.

See the Lay Leadership/Vestry page for more information on this governing body ->

St. Mark’s is supported by our Staff

Director of Music

Our Director of Music, Don Hague, directs the St. Mark’s choir as well as serving as our Organist. Working with our Priest-In-Charge he plans and implements the music the accompanies our services as well as special functions.

Parish Administrator

Our Parish Administrator, Mrs. Janis Smith, works with multiple individuals and groups to ensure the efficient operation of the Parish in the fulfillment of its mission. This includes working with our Priest-In-Charge, Vestry, Director of Music, Administrative Assistant, team leader’s of our ministries, tenants, and outside vendors. She is coordinator of the use of the church facilities.

Parish Secretary

Our Parish Secretary, Mrs. Keira Vargas, supports the the clergy, vestry, and other staff through secretarial and pastoral support tasks. She is the welcoming voice on the telephone and the keeper of the master schedule.

St. Mark’s Policies and Procedures

We follow defined policies and procedures to safeguard the handling of our finances, resources, and to provide a nurturing and transparent environment for employees and volunteers.

Non-Discrimination Policy:

St. Mark’s does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, race, color, national origin, veteran status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, pregnancy, childbirth or related conditions including lactation, age, disability, genetic information, or any other factor prohibited by applicable law; follows the applicable policies and governing principles of the Episcopal Church pertaining to non-discrimination; and requires all tenants and users of its facilities to do likewise while on St. Mark’s property.