Rev. Dr. Christopher I. Wilkins, Rector

Blessings, and welcome! I’m the Rev. Dr. Christopher Wilkins – Rev. Christopher, for short – and serve as the fifth rector of St. Mark’s, Fairland Parish. Prior to coming here, I served parishes in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and southern Maryland. I was educated at Haverford College, Harvard Divinity School, Virginia Theological Seminary, and Boston University, earning a Ph.D. in Religious Studies at the latter in 2001. In addition to my work as a priest and pastor, I have worked as a community college English teacher, a grants officer, and in sustainable development, community organizing, and advocacy for universal affordable health care. I also write poetry and fiction, and enjoy a good hike in the woods, a night at the opera or the symphony, and a quiet evening by a cozy fire with a good book or the photograph album.

St. Mark’s is a vibrant, diverse, and faithful community whose members come from right down the street and all around the globe. We seek to be well-informed and wisely-formed in our faith, to walk together along the paths of love and service, and “to do good and to distribute” (as the old saying has it). In all things, and among ourselves, we seek the peace that passes understanding as we strive to be Christ’s hands, heart, and body in the world he died to save and rose to set free. Please take a look around, join us on Sunday mornings or whenever we gather, and spend some time in prayer in our sanctuary or beneath the fine, old oak trees in the churchyard. Here you will find food for your mind, rest for your soul, blessing for your heart, and a spiritual home for you and your family. Please let me know if we can be of any service to you, and please keep us in your prayers. 

Yours faithfully,
Rev. Dr. Christopher I. Wilkins